• What sort of equipment is listed in the WRRL?
    • The WRRL includes any type of equipment or resource that could be deemed as useful in an oil spill response situation. For example, vessels, boom, skimmers, storage, aircraft, and wildlife response equipment.
  • Who hosts/maintains the WRRL?
    • Genwest hosts and maintains the infrastructure of the database, however equipment owners are responsible for maintaining and updating their equipment information
  • Who runs the WRRL?
    • A Steering Committee comprised of Federal & State regulators, as well as representatives from OSRO, Industry, and Response Organizations.
  • How often is the data updated?
    • We ask that all data be reviewed and updated/verified by the equipment owner on a quarterly basis.
  • How to join the WRRL?
    • There is no need to join if you simply want to view the data or use it as a reference for resource ordering.
    • To list your equipment in the WRRL, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.
  • Can anyone view data listed in the WRRL?
    • Yes. One of the founding principals of the WRRL is that the Response Community is stronger if we work together. By making this information available for all, we ensure that the Emergency Response Community has it’s best chance for a rapid, aggressive and well coordinated response.
  • If Equipment is listed in the WRRL does that mean it has to be available to anyone?
    • No. Not all equipment listed in the WRRL is available to all entities. For many types of equipment, a contract must be in place ahead of a drill or spill for access.
    • Many times equipment is unavailable as it has remain where it is to meet a regulatory requirement.
    • You will need to contact the equipment owner directly about accessing the equipment.

Contact WRRL Admin

For information on how to join or for general questions please contact us, and a WRRL admin will get back to you as soon as possible.