About the WRRL

What is the WRRL?

  • The Worldwide Response Resource List (WRRL) is a web-based database that stores information on various types of oil spill response equipment.
  • The WRRL provides a resource inventory of equipment ownership and a uniform system to describe and list equipment using “Kind and Type”.
  • Entities listing their equipment on the WRRL include private industry, for profit, and non-profit oil spill response organizations, and state, federal, and provincial governments.
  • Nearly 10,000 pieces of equipment are listed from over 50 organizations with equipment listed in 18 States, British Columbia and Norway.
  • The WRRL is a database, not a catalog and not all equipment listed in the WRRL is available to all entities. 


The history of the WRRL

  • The WRRL got it’s start in 1997 when responders started tracking response equipment and resources in excel spreadsheets. 
  • Several of the response contractors approached the U.S. Coast Guard’s District 13 and requested the USCG chair a committee that would work to create a way of listing and tracking regional response resources.
  • This database, now known as the WRRL, is hosted by Genwest Systems Inc. and allows users to enter, edit and maintain their own data and allows anyone to view the entire equipment database.

Note: Genwest provides this service for free as a way to assist our fellow response community members.

Accessing the WRRL

  • The WRRL database can be accessed via the internet. No special software is needed to access the WRRL or maintain equipment records.
  • Anyone can view equipment data in the WRRL.
  • Equipment owners have registered logins which enables them to maintain and edit their equipment.
    • WRRL equipment lists can only be edited by those with the appropriate privileges.

What are the benefits of the WRRL?

  • Participating in the WRRL is voluntary and cost free.
  • Each piece of equipment that is entered into the database is given a unique WRRL ID Number. This provides a standard way of tracking and listing equipment.
  • The WRRL can be used in a variety of ways, including: to locate, order, and track response equipment during a drill or spill; provide an overall picture of the region’s response resources; support development and review of oil spill contingency plans; and assist in cost accounting.
  • WRRL equipment records include detailed equipment specifications, locations and staging information.
  • Contact information for participating organizations is included in the WRRL database.

WRRL Steering Committee & Maintenance

  • While the WRRL is hosted by Genwest Systems, a Steering Committee comprised of Federal & State regulators, as well as representatives from OSRO, Industry, and Response Organizations work together to ensure the WRRL remains a free and useful tool available to the response community.
  • It is the equipment owner’s responsibility to update and maintain their equipment information on the WRRL.

Contact WRRL Admin

For information on how to join or for general questions please contact us, and a WRRL admin will get back to you as soon as possible.